MoHo Care Instructions

MoHo Maintenance and Care

Thank you so much for purchasing a MoHo, the premium hookah hose on the market. Leather is an amazing textile and we are proud to make high quality hoses with this beautiful material. Before we get into taking care of your new accessory, we wanted to mention a couple of general characteristics of leather itself. It is not uncommon for your new hose to feel a little stiff at first. We like to compare this to a brand new pair of shoes. They are always a little stiff in the beginning and aren’t at their best until they’ve been worn in for some time. Leather is an extremely durable and resilient material, but it is also a natural one. For this reason, it will never be perfect and is subject to natural deformations on the surface and may also develop more of these imperfections over time with use, but will not affect the quality and longevity of your hose. We like to call this character! Below is how you can care for your new MoHo!

Using hose ports and handles

MoHo is designed to be compatible with most hose ports and handles on the market. That being said, since the silicone is wrapped by the leather, it cannot stretch as much as normal silicone hoses would. This means that some pieces simply won’t fit. It is not abnormal for pieces to be a little tighter than you are used to at first but if you feel it is very tight and you have to force it on, then it is likely that that piece just doesn’t fit. To aid with tight fitting pieces we recommend putting a little bit of olive oil on the metal before sliding it into the silicone. If you find that a piece you really want to use with your MoHo won’t fit, please reach out to us about having an adapter made. Also, since silicone stretches and leather does not, you want to grip the leather/silicone firmly at the end before pulling the piece out. If you just pull on the piece without doing this, you could pull the silicone out of the leather. Hose ports should plug into the hookah with threads facing down.

Washing and Cleaning

MoHo is a completely washable hose just like any of your other silicone hoses. We use hot water and lemon juice for cleaning but any cleaning techniques will work with your MoHo. Leather can naturally take a little water and our painted works are sealed for water repellency, but you want to be careful to not get the leather wet, and especially drenched. To ensure the longevity of your leather hose we recommend leaving the hose port and handle in the hose for cleaning and using a funnel in one end to extra careful about getting water on your hose.

Hand painted work

Any of our hoses with custom designs on them are hand painted pieces of artwork. These hoses are painted with high quality leather sneaker paint similar to what you see used for custom cleats and sneakers for famous athletes. For this reason, they are very durable and sealed for water repellency. However, they do require extra care to keep the paint looking fresh. For these hoses we do not recommend washing without using a funnel to ensure it does not get wet. Additionally, while it is ok to touch the paint with your hands, we recommend not holding the hose where there is paint as oils and other things on your skin can break down the sealant over time. We HIGHLY recommend only holding the hose by the handle piece! Just like all hoses and leather goods, these hoses are subject to wear and tear over time and we do offer touch ups at your discretion and cost.