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The ONLY place for custom hookah hoses

MoHo is a brother sister duo dedicated to bringing you the most unique hookah hoses and other accessories. Derek is a craftsman that has been working in apparel manufacturing for the past 5 years. He brings his knowledge and expertise from this industry to one that has never really seen the use of textiles, Hookah. Devyn, an artist at birth, brings a natural talent that has been honed and trained over two decades to the table. Together, they are a formidable team dedicated to changing the hookah game forever and making custom products the industry has never seen before!

Luxury hose for your Hookah Set up..Yes! Please. High quality and hand made!

Paul Silao

Yes, Derek and Devyn are very easy to work with and helped me make decisions about details I was not sure of! Perfect duo!

Bridget Desind

Yes, 100% My wife got me one as a surprise for my birthday, and it has been awesome high quality and its custom just for me, its worth the money in my book!

Matt Desind

Absolutely BEAUTIFUL hoses! Photos on here don’t do them justice. Very sturdy and easy to clean.

Jesse Sullivan

Just beautiful quality, craftsmanship and beautiful hose.... Will fit for the Hookah John Knurl hose. Can’t wait to order another!!

Zachery Palmer